Cardboard boxes ready to sell

Are you ready to make your business shine? Choose our ready to sell boxes, made of customizable cardboard and put your brand in the best light!

What makes them special: The products they are made of high quality cardboard, type CO3 or CO5, perfect for various industries. With a wide range of products, from classic boxes to variants with separator plates and protective corners, we have everything you need to improve your operations and protect your contents during transport.

Offer your customers eco-friendly products!
We care about the impact on the environment! That’s why our products are recyclable, respecting sustainability standards.

We put safety first!
Our products comply with the highest standards of hygiene and food safety, ensuring that your goods are packed and protected in ideal conditions.

Technical specifications
We have a variety of sizes and types of cardboard available, and the printing is done in the flexo system, up to the level of FlexoHD (polychromy), guaranteeing you a high quality design and an impeccable presentation of your products in retail stores.