Nature range (Cups, Plates)

Do you want to bring nature closer to your business? Discover the Nature Product Range!

What makes it special: The Nature range it is perfect for a picnic day, nature adventures with friends, having a specially dedicated theme and products designed to celebrate the beauty of nature. Packed in READY’TOSELL boxes to facilitate display on the shelf, the products from the “Nature” range help you bring a touch of freshness and authenticity to your experiences.

Offer your customers eco-friendly products!
We care about the environment, so our products in the “Nature” range are biodegradable and compostable, helping to protect and preserve nature while you enjoy your outdoor adventures.

We put safety first!
Our products comply with the highest standards of hygiene and food safety, guaranteeing that every moment spent in nature will be in complete comfort.

Technical specifications
The “Nature” range includes a variety of products, from cardboard cups in different sizes ( 100 ml, 250 ml, 400 ml), to cardboard plates ( 18 cm, 22 cm, 26 cm) and c-pla cutlery. With these products at hand, every picnic or trip becomes a memorable adventure in the middle of nature!