Potato boxes

Want your brand to make waves? Customize the cardboard boxes from Evopack!

What makes them special: Made from a grease-resistant cardboard, our boxes allow the product to breathe, keeping it fresh and crisp until serving. Thus, the dessert will retain its flavor, and the potatoes will be as crunchy and delicious, even in the regime takeaway !

Offer your customers eco-friendly products!
We care about the impact we have on the environment! That’s why we make sure that every product is environmentally friendly.

We put safety first!
The food-safe certification of our boxes guarantees that the food served in them is always in optimal conditions of hygiene and food safety.

Technical specifications
You can choose from a variety of designs and sizes, each designed to meet your specific needs. The outer print with UV varnished edible ink ensures that your design remains flawless, without the risk of ink migration to the product.