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Join our mission to make the vision of sustainability a reality!

Let’s build a greener future together!

Sustainability is our fundamental commitment, which extends beyond our products and production, actively involving consumers, suppliers and partners in promoting a green economy. Our pioneering lies in the use of paper as a leading ecological solution in an age dominated by plastic. Moreover, in at the heart of Evopack’s mission are people – those who use our products, those who create them and those who make them. By supporting communities and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle , we want to demonstrate that innovation and environmental responsibility complement each other. Thus, with each Evopack product, we pack a greener future for everyone!

Over 25 paper recycling cycles

Choosing Evopack packaging means getting involved in a sustainable recycling cycle, where each product can be reused up to 25 times. This innovative approach demonstrates our commitment to protecting the environment and promoting a circular economy.

100% biodegradable products

Evopack products are designed to completely decompose in the natural environment, without leaving negative traces on the ecosystem. The biodegradability and compostability of these packaging is an important step towards reducing pollution and conserving natural resources for future generations.

Massive investment in research and development

Our substantial investments in sustainable research and development have propelled us to the forefront of the fight for a greener and more prosperous future. These efforts have allowed us to constantly innovate and offer advanced solutions aimed at reducing environmental impact.

Protecting the planet from the invasion of plastic

Evopack packaging represents a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging, helping to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the environment. By using our packaging, we support efforts to protect the planet and fight plastic pollution.

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